Stories – Brgy. Malbago, Madridejos

Madridejos is one of the three municipalities that make up the island of Bantayan, which lies to the west of the northern tip of Cebu. Days prior to Super Typhoon Yolanda struck Brgy. Malbago, Madridejos, the LGU’s in the place instructed the people to be ready to evacuate especially because they are in the coastal area. As a response to the warning given, people evacuated to the school where the foundations are sturdy others evacuated to the chapel and some others stayed in their houses.

“When the storm hit our place, the violent wind roaring took off the roofs of our houses, downed the trees and broke my neighbors’ pump boats which they use for fishing for a living. We also experienced storm surge; the water entered our house with the water level filling up to our ceiling and all of our things were soaked in the water, ” stated Evilla Abatayo, a resident of brgy Malbago..

She added that despite the massive devastation Super Typhoon Yolanda has brought to their barangay, she saw God’s hand helping them she thanked God there was no reported casualty. She also said that it was the fruit of their daily prayers and the rosary vigil they were doing..

“In the days that followed when no relief was sent yet and fishing wasn’t allowed yet, we ate the coconut fruit and the bananas that fell on the ground when the strong winds downed the trees. We didn’t go hungry, said Evilla.”

Lastly, Evilla was so grateful to the Lord that they were the chosen barangay to be the recipient of the PSYL relief operations as it was the first relief they received..