Stories – Michael Monto

A small team from Elim Cebu went last Saturday November 16 to Borbon, a 70 kilometer municipal in Northern Cebu. The team had to travel a very rough one-to-two kilometer road from the highway going to this isolated Sitio Barucan Barangay Lugo in Borbon. Upon reaching the place devastation welcomed us. The sugarcane fields were down and a lot of houses were destroyed. We really saw a glimpse of hope in their faces when we arrived there. Before giving, the team shared about Elim Communities and its PSYL project.

After sharing, it’s now time to give. The people were really happy and thankful to God and Elim Communities! As they received the goods, smiles were seen in their faces. One resident whose house is totally destroyed in the mountain top even said, “Pwede na mi mo-uli kay amo na ning lutu-on?” (Can we go home now to cook these food?).

The team really couldn’t imagine how they suffer and how desperate they are to eat a decent meal. We were thankful then for being an instrument to help those who are affected in that area and we went home fulfilled and full of gratitude. The team also heard that it’s the first relief operations in their place. A day after, a resident in that place gave us a feedback that two groups heard what we did and wanted to do relief operations in their area. Hearing this made the team more even thankful for being a witness to others helping people in times of adversity. All glory to GOD!

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